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    Posted by Member Kildred on

    I watch it dwindle for 37 years. Every year more civies. Every year, my vote became less and less important. They had an opportunity in 2001 to start drawing new Veterans. For 14 years they failed miserably, they didn’t even try. Perhaps they feared that if enough new Veterans joined, the civilians would start losing power and ignored us? Who knows what they think. Anyway, when they failed to really and honestly make an effort, it sounded their death knell. Things like coming against cannabis treatment for Veterans. Right or wrong, there was no research offered. Just a ‘Don’t do it!’ Maybe they forecasted the loss of drinking revenue and would rather see us drunk in the corner of their hovels than getting better. Again, who knows. The civilian Dominion Executive started burning through money on a myriad of international trips, with their spouses, ostensibly to support Canadian branches in foreign countries :unsure: . They have other problems that further exacerbate the situation. The Poppy Fund is not being used for what it was intended. The only way to make it work anymore is to burn it down and start again.